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The Truth Behind MyDivorcePapers.com

Divorce Online: Can I do it myself?

In fact, you can do it yourself in any state. Lots of companies offer to complete the forms you need to obtain a divorce online in your state. It costs only a few hundreds of dollars. Much cheaper than the lawyer, right? NOT REALLY.

Did you think what happens after the forms are ready? What should you do next? You are simply left alone with the bunch of papers. In fact, you will lose more money paying for shady divorce online services than hiring a lawyer. 90% of online divorce providers don’t provide any support or explanation on paperwork. You should be really careful when choosing your online divorce provider. But it doesn’t mean that online divorce is a bad idea.

If your case is not that complicated, you mutually want to divorce or you simply have no money to hire a lawyer, then online divorce is right for you. Below you will find our honest opinion about the most solid online divorce provider. And it’s not all as good as may seem…

MyDivorcePapers.com: The Good and The Bad

MyDivorcePapers.com is definitely not a scam and they know their job. After you register, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire that will help you complete the paperwork.

First, you will need to select the state where you want to file a divorce. Different states have different requirements regarding the divorce. If you and your soon to be ex live in different states, mydivorcepapers.com suggests you to choose the state with the least strict requirements.

You should understand, that answering the questions as accurately as possible is crucial for you, if you want to avoid problems in the court.

After your paperwork is ready, you can print it and file the documents with the court.

The good: 

Cheap: It will only cost you $159, while divorce attorney fees start at $1,295. If you don’t want to or cannot pay for an attorney, this might be a good decision.

Fast: You probably need more time to complete your divorce papers than one hour, but compared to making an appointment with the attorney, waiting for him/her to be available, and then filling out the papers during a person-to-person meeting, mydivorcepapers.com is still MUCH faster.

No hassle: You don’t have to go anywhere, think what you have to say, and go through the heartbreaking memories once again. You just sit at your computer and fill out an online form whenever you want or can.

Dedicated Case Manager: you will have direct email and phone access to your dedicated account manager who will help you with each and every step of the online divorce process.

Unlimited FREE Document Updates: You can do any changes at any time without the need to pay your lawyer again and again.

FREE Video Library on Divorce: mydivorcepapers.com offers free video classes that explain the issues regarding taxes, estate planning and more. Things that your lawyer would charge you for.

Free Name Change for Wives.

FREE Parenting Plan: you can easily create a parenting plan online to be included in your documents.

FREE Child Support Calculator: you can also calculate child support payments if needed.

FREE Alimony Calculator.

Marital Settlement Agreement: you can get a complete settlement agreement that you and your spouse can agree to, without a need to higher a lawyer.

100% Money Back Guarantee: if the designated U.S. family law court for your region does not accept your forms, mydivorcepapers.com will refund your payment.

You get so much for just $159, nothing really can bit the price.

And now it’s time to talk about the bad:

Too fast: you can get divorce really quickly, but it’s not always a right choice as you have less time to think and maybe reconcile with your spouse. Make sure you won’t regret your divorce.

Questions are too long: the website claims that you can complete the questionnaire within an hour. Verified customers confirm that it takes much longer than one hour and some customers felt exhausted. One may think it’s a disadvantage, but if you really want to have proper papers you better answer all the questions and dedicate some time to them. Still it’s much faster and cheaper than doing it with the lawyer.

Problems with the website: some negative reviews are the result of technical issues when printing out the papers. Yet they all can be solved with the online support.

Is MyDivorcePapers Right For You?

Mydivorcepapers.com is one of the largest online divorce networks in the US and it serves customers in all 50 US states. You can complete your divorce hassle free and fast. But if your divorce involves more complected issues like violence and abuse, disagreements regarding child custody, hidden assets, you better contact the lawyer. Online divorce is probably not for you. 

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