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Should You Date Your Ex Husband?

So you got divorced. And now your ex wants you back. You are not sure whether you should rekindle your relationship or not. Well, you are not alone! There hundreds of men and women asking themselves same question – ‘should I get back together with my ex? Should I date my ex husband?’.

There are few ways to learn whether or not it’s a good idea. Experts from SmartDivorceNetwork shared with us this wonderful your ex wants you back article where they explain how to take a decision and go through reconciliation process smoothly (!!!). Below you will find just a few tips:

Does he deserve a second chance? If your ex husband has a repeated pattern of breaking one of your non-negotiables in relationship, such as cheating, abuse, drugs that hasn’t been addressed by a professional, stay away from such toxic relationship.

What is his intention? Dating doesn’t mean love. Does he want dating you just for sex? Or he wants you back? What’s his intention? Is it compatible with yours? Set things straight before jumping into relationships with your ex as you may end up being disappointed.

Can you forgive your ex husband? If you cannot forgive and accept your partner, this relationship won’t work. But if you really want to try and forget the past, consult a therapist and work on problems together.

Become friends first. Don’t rush into relationship with your ex again. Build friendship with your ex first. Go out for a date. Enjoy spending time together as friends! You need to rebuild trust and heal after breakup. Don’t rush back into relationship with your ex, you will probably do more harm than good, instead take your time and become best friends first. If you can’t build friendship and keep arguing now and then, it means you shouldn’t get back together.

Divorce is the one of most difficult moments in woman’s life. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for help. In addition, there are many wonderful online communities. One of them is Separation & Divorce Christian Community. If you feel like you need to talk to someone, need an advice – this is the right place to be. To make healing process as easy as possible, use all the resources available to you – just ask.


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