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Sex After Divorce: How To Play It Safe

Casual sex after divorce can be confusing – especially for women. Very often we can confuse passion and sex with love. As a result, you end up being heart broken one more time.  That is why, it is important for women to set it straight before hunting for a casual sex.

Here is a to-do list if you want to try casual dating after divorce.

1. Know what you want. Understand the true reasons behind your wish to enter casual relationship. And think how you want it to be. Do you want just quick sex without conversation? Or maybe you want to spend time together with your new sex partner having dinner?

2. Respect your partner. Even if you have been hurt in the past, it’s not a good reason to punish all the men just because your ex was a jerk. Tell him what you really want from this relationship. Tell him that either of you can exit from this relationship without any explanation or hard feelings. If your new date agrees on this conditions, then go for it.

3. Be realistic. Don’t see a potential husband in every man you date. You agreed on temporary relationship that will end at some point. Your main goal of this relationship is some pleasure, not love.

4. Think of safety. When you are looking for casual sex, you have to be extra cautious as things move much faster than in traditional relationship. Do your due diligence and always let your best friend to know where you are and with whom. If the guy shows some signs of violence, end the relationship immediately.

5. Use protection. Wild sex life can have it’s own consequences. And we not only talk about unexpected pregnancy, but also STD. Always use condoms and  other means of birth control.

6. Don’t fall in love. More time you spend with the person, the higher is the risk of getting emotionally attached. Remember, this relationship is just for sex. Don’t fall in love, or it will hurt you.

7. Don’t bother him. Casual relationship is all about sex. He is not your friend or psychotherapist. Don’t ask him for coffee during a lunch break, nor call me him to share your troubles.

8. Don’t have sex with your ex. Never get into casual relationship with your ex – it can NEVER be casual and it will only hurt you. There are plenty of great adult dating sites where you can find a casual hookup.

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