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How To Prepare For Custody Mediation

If you’ve decided to go ahead with custody mediation, you might want some advice before going through with the process. These two videos could give you some insight before you start.

1. How to Prepare for Divorce and Child Custody Mediation – Colgan & Associates, LLC

Tim Colgan, a divorce and custody mediator at Colgan & Associates in Pennsylvania, advises on what you might want to start thinking about prior to your custody mediation and what documentation you need to start gathering. Listen to his advice here:

2. Child Custody Tips for Divorce Mediation – MediatorDina

Dina from Families First Mediation goes over her top five tips for a successful custody mediation, including how to focus on what’s important, what you should say to your children, as well as some advice for taking care of yourself. See for yourself in this short video:

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