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How to Get a Divorce

Getting a divorce usually involves interwoven legal, financial, emotional, family and social processes and events. Here are just the basic legal procedural aspects of how to get a divorce in California.

How to Get a Divorce – Steps

The minimum steps required to get a divorce in California are:

  1. Start a divorce case by filing forms including a petition (FL-100) and a summons (FL-110) and by paying the court’s filing fee (unless you are poor enough to succeed in getting it waived).
  2. Have a third party serve your spouse with the divorce papers (usually in person or by mail).
  3. Fill out and and exchange with your spouse the financial disclosure forms (FL-150 and either FL-142 or FL-160) and file a form letting the court know you have done so.
  4. File a “judgment package” of forms/documents advising the court of the divorce agreements you have made with your spouse (co-parenting, child support, spousal support and division of assets and debts) to enable the court to sign off on your divorce.
  5. Receive the order of the court granting your divorce. Continue Reading

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