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Divorce Negligence: How To Sue Your Lawyer For Pension Settlement Undervaluation

Divorce Negligence:

Divorce can be stressful and emotionally exhausting. Even if you cannot control your emotions and stay cool,  your divorce lawyer has to take care of interests and obtain a fair divorce settlement on your behalf including pension share.

There are thousands of women who missed significant payouts because their divorce solicitors neglected or miscalculated the value of an ex-husband’s pension during divorce process.

Under Valued Pension:

Sometimes solicitors overlook the ex-husband’s entire pension when dividing assets; and you many end up getting a tiny fraction of what you could possibly get.

According to numerous experts, up to half of the 1.5million divorces in the UK that took place after 2000 have not had their pension settlement correctly valued. So if your divorce took place in England or Wales after 2000, there is a high chance that a pension fund was either under valued or ignored.

It is a common misconception that claims for divorce negligence will involve you ex-husband and reopen the original divorce settlement case. This claim has nothing to do with your ex-partner and he may not even know that you are making a claim.

Divorce-claim.co.uk confirms that “this claim will not involve your ex-partner or their legal representatives. Any claim that is made on your behalf will be presented to your previous solicitor and their insurers.”

How To Claim Divorce Negligence via Divorce-Claim.co.uk:

  1. Fill in this divorce negligence form or request a call back.
  2. After initial assessment, you will be informed whether you have a claim and what it could potentially be worth.
  3. In case you have a claim, solicitors will start working on your case and keep you informed on a progress.
  4. Once all the paperwork is ready, your solicitor will present your case to court to see whether it will go to trial.
  5. If it does, your former divorce lawyers may offer an out of court settlement figure.
  6. Your divorce negligence solicitors will negotiate the settlement on your behalf.

If you think that your previous divorce attorney neglected your ex’s pension in assets division process and it caused you financial loss, contact a divorce negligence attorney as soon as possible.


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